Details about the sexual assault trials of Jung Joon Young, Jonghun, and others'!

Rachel Kim , Nov. 13, 2019, 10:37 a.m.

On November 13, Jung Joon Young, Jonghun, and three other men attended the 9th trial for the charges of sexual assault on two counts- one in Gangwon-do (January 2016) and another in Daegu (March 2016). 

It was reported that former singer Jung Joon Young is facing 7 years in prison for the sexual assault charge and the circulation of illegal media content of women. Former FT Island member Jonghun is reportedly facing 5 years in prison on the charges of aggravated rape as well. 

Prosecutors demand the 'Burning Sun' employee Mr. Kim and Mr. Kwon (brother of Girls' Generation's Yuri) to face 10 years in prison for the raping of an unconscious woman. And for the employee Mr. Heo, prosecutors seek a 5-year prison sentence. Additionally they have requested a 10-year ban on working with or around minors against all 5 offenders. 

Although the trial session was held privately, statements given by Jung Joon Young, Jonghun, and Mr. Kwon have been revealed. Jung Joon Young said,  "I haven't apologized to the victims once, and I want to apologize. If I had been considerate of the other party at least once, I wouldn't have caused them hurt. I really regret my foolishness. Though I deny parts of the case, I am apologetic on a moral level that I shamed them in KaKaoTalk chats and made them feel bad."

Jonghun stated the following, "I gained popularity at a young age, and I did not live humbly. I'm embarrassed to apologize for my unscrupulous actions now. The crime of quasi-rape is too heavy, and I feel it's unfair."

Mr. Kwon said"It will be carved on my heart forever that I've made my fiancee, family, and sister, who has to live in the public eye, share this crime with me and that I caused pain." 

The final verdict will be revealed on November 29 KST.

Stay tuned for updates.

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