D.Holic Discusses Their Diets, Taste in Men and More with “International bnt”

Troy Yang, May 19, 2016, 9:05 a.m.

D.Holic has just stepped back into the spotlight, and fans better watch out for their newest interview with “International bnt”, discussing their diets, taste in men, their comeback and more! In regards to how she maintains her body physique, Rena stated "I actually diet 365 days a year just for fun." Hami didn’t say much besides, "I actually diet 365 days a year just for fun." Hwajung was a little bit more specific as she said, "Right before important photo shoots like these, I don't eat a lot and drink plenty of water. Then I lose around 5 kg in one week (~11 lbs)." That can’t be easy!


D.Holic then talked about their ideal kind of man. Rena commented, "I like types who are not sleazy," and Hami and Hwajung both said, "Because we're tall, we like men who look like models."


In regards to what kind of idols they wished to be, the girls stated, "We always say this but we'd like to be 'unique idols' or 'healing idols.' There are always things [people] say backstage, and we strive to be a kindhearted group. We hope that one day we'd be able to be a part of an end-of-the-year award ceremony or some other big award show. We would also like to collaborate with other groups."


The girls then gave information on their comeback by saying, "We plan to make a comeback around the beginning of July and we plan to promote a lot in Korea. Afterwards, we'll probably promote in Japan and China. Please show us your support."

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