D.Holic opens up about the hardships of trainee life in ‘International bnt’

Songee Kim, May 18, 2016, 3:13 p.m.

The ladies of girl group D.Holic are featured in a gorgeous pictorial with ‘International bnt’! The three members take on a feminine yet quirky concept as they smile and make adorable expressions at the camera.

In their accompanying interview, the D.Holic members open up about the hardships of trainee life in Korea. Japanese member Rena shared, “I spent seven to eight years as a trainee at Avex (a top Japanese label), making six-hour roundtrips on the subway. In Korea, since I didn’t know the language, I couldn’t even order food properly, so I ate kimbap for three to four months.”

Newest member Hwajung revealed, “I spent about six years as a trainee. I had spent time studying abroad in China, but I wanted to be a singer so badly that I came to Korea lone to audition. My parents stayed in China while I came to live in Korea by myself for four years from my second year in middle school all the way until my senior year in high school. I was really lonely back then.”

Member Hami, who is of Chinese descent, shared, “I first came to Korea to go to college. I auditioned through an acquaintance, and that’s how I achieved my dreams of becoming a singer. If I had to point out the most difficult part [about living in Korea], it’s that the [social] systems in Korea and China are different. There is no such thing as a ‘hoobae-sunbae’ system in China, but in Korea, you have to even set up the utensils for [older people] before you start eating. However, I didn’t know that custom, so many people commented on my mistakes a lot.”


It looks like the girls went through a lot to get to where they are now! We hope the best for D.Holic!

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