DIA’s Ki Hui Hyeon Says She’s OK after Breaking Leg Falling off Stage

Kyung Ho Kim, Nov. 26, 2016, 1:16 p.m.

DIA member Ki Hui Hyeon has updated fans on her injury after falling off a stage during a performance of "Mr. Potter" at 'Blue Star Concert. A day after the accident, Ki Hee Hyun assured fans she's okay through Twitter with a photo of her leg cast and a message that said, "Hey AIDs (DIA's fan club), were you very surprised? I'm sorry I made you worry ㅠㅠ  I'm really fine. Don't worry too much. Let's meet again soon."

Ki Hui-hyeon was born on June 16, 1995 in Namwon, North Jeolla, South Korea. She is the main rapper and lead dancer of the group. She is a former Woollim Entertainment trainee. In December 2015, she temporarily withdrew from the group to represent MBK Entertainment on the Mnet survival show Produce 101, having previously signed a contract with the show before her debut. She was eliminated in the finale, placing nineteenth overall in the competition. She originally debuted under the stage name "Cathy" but has since promoted under her real name after re-joining the group.

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