Director Hong Sang Soo is Hush About Relationship with actress Kim Min Hee

Hyo Kyung Kim, July 17, 2016, 10:39 a.m.

Film director Hong Sang-soo continues to keep silent about his relationship with actress Kim Min-hee, avoiding a question about it posed by a reporter at Marseille’s International Film Festival on Thursday. 

At a question-and-answer session during the festival, Hong answered in detail questions about his works, however, he only smiled weakly in response when a reporter asked, “Are recent media reports about your relationship with Kim Min-hee true?” 

Both Hong and Kim have said nothing over the past month since news broke about their alleged extramarital affair.  17 films directed by Hong are being aired at the festival, which runs until July 18.  The Korean media was paying keen attention as to whether Hong would show up with Kim at the festival, but he was only seen with a translator. 

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