Director Lee Hae Young denies sexual harassment accusation

Jessica Lee, March 5, 2018, 9:59 a.m.

Director Lee Hae Young has been accused of sexual harassment by a man. The movie director has denied the accusation while also stating that the accuser has been threatening to publicly reveal his sexual identity for the past two years. Lee Hae Young responds to the accusation while also revealing that his sexual identity has been revealed without consent.

He wrote,

"This is movie director Lee Hae Young. I recently saw a post about me and I would like to clarify that it is false.

I am a sexual minority. The poster has been constantly threatening me for two years and has used my sexual identity and popularity as a weapon. After the poster had broken up with a friend of mine, they have threatened me and my friends by using threats and lies. Now the harm has gone past the personal life to my public name.

My sexual identity has been revealed without my consent, through force. I cannot stand idly by as my character is defamed through widely-spread lies. To protect my rights and my character, I will be taking strong legal action with the proof I have of the threats and mental anguish I have received until now.

I ask for the media to stop reporting unconfirmed things, and I will take all future actions through a law firm."

The incident he is being accused of took place during a vacation to Gangwon-do with a movie director ("A"), Lee Hae Young ("A's ex), and Lee Hae Young's friend ("C"). "C" revealed that during that vacation, he was sexually harassed by Lee Hae Young.   

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