Directors Blamed for Backing out of 2PM & GOT7 MV Shoots Speak Up

LAtte, May 11, 2015, 10:38 a.m.

After JYP Entertainment's statement announcing the delay of their artists', 2PM and GOT7, comebacks and music videos, two directors whose names were blasted in said statement, have spoken up to the media in order to clear their names. As previously reported, the two directors were blamed for being "irresponsible" and backing out of shoots unexpectedly.

JYP Entertainment expressed their frustrations with the directors in their one-sided decisions to back out of their commitments to music video shoots, shortly before filming was set to occur. The agency commented that they would be taking further legal action for the damages incurred for their abrupt cancellations.

In response to the reports, director Kim Ji Yong spoke with OSEN, a news outlet, expressing his concern and disappointment in the picture the media painted of him. He explained that after being sent the video concept for a GOT7 music video shoot, he decided that the desired theme didn't match his style, so he had humbly declined the offer after a day of receiving the request. Kim Ji Yong further stated that nothing had been set in stone, whether it be contracts or even a day or time for the filming.

He mentioned that it had come as a surprise seeing his name in headlines, even expressing his concern for his future and career thanks to the negative news about him. He stated, "I'm afraid that our relationship won't be salvageable due to the reports founded on baseless speculations and exaggeration."

Coincidentally, director Han Sa Min, who was asked to direct 2PM's next music video, had turned down JYP's offer the same day, resulting in a misunderstanding, even though the two directors have no relation with one another. Han Sa Min also spoke with news outlet OSEN, commenting, "I'm not even a celebrity, and it's ridiculous how my name is coming up as a topic of news. I've done music videos for years. Making the decision to leave a project during discussions is a normal occurrence in this industry."

Director Han Sa Min further expressed his fear and concern, mentioning that despite not having set anything in stone yet, the idea of the topic blowing up in the press and a forthcoming lawsuit is very frightening for him. He also commented that he had no relation or contact with director Kim Ji Yong, concluding his statement with, "To be frank, I don't want to further say anything about this or even react to this situation."

Since the directors released their statements, JYP Entertainment released an updated statement to OSEN, stating that the misunderstanding with director Kim Ji Yong has been resolved, while a statement regarding the situation with director Han Sa Min is currently pending.

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