Dispatch Reveals Messages Between Lee Byung Hun and Lee Ji Yeon

SWAG-tastic Voyage, Jan. 5, 2015, 11:09 a.m.

Dispatch has just released some juicy new information. There has been a leak of messages written between Lee Byun Hun and model Lee Ji Yeon. Dispatch also reported that they met with a few sources who watched the situation between the two parties unfold firsthand in order to get a sense of the full situation.

Lee Ji Yeon, Dahee, Lee Byung Hun, and three others met at a restaurant on July 1st, 2014. Initially, Dahee sat between Lee Ji Yeon and Lee Byung Hun, but ended up switching seats at Lee Byung Hun's request. He asked Lee Ji Yeon for her number, to which she refused by saying that her phone wasn't working due to her not paying her phone bills. She then chose to exchange SNS messenger ID's with Lee Byung Hun. Upon hearing her financial struggles, he offered to pay for a year of her phone bills so that they could talk, and that he would help her out financially as well.

Lee Ji Yeon then revealed that she only said those things since she did not want to give him her number. Her parents were paying for her phone bills at the time, so it was unnecessary for him to pay for her bills. It was unclear whether or not she made this statement at dinner on July 1st, or at a later date.

On July 3rd, Lee Byung Hun and Lee Ji Yeon met at Lee Ji Yeon's apartment. GLAM's Dahee joined the two a half hour later. He provided Lee Ji Yeon with wine, a cell phone, and 1,500,000 KRW (approx. $1,350 USD) in cell phone fees, but apparently Lee Ji Yeon returned the cash to him on the spot. During a card game that night when Lee Ji Yeon lost, he volunteered himself to receive kisses 3-4 times. While Lee Ji Yeon went to the convenience store, Dahee filmed the actor asking her sexual questions while she pretended to be on the phone, texting.

The SNS that Lee Byung Hun allegedly sent Lee Ji Yeon is as follows:

LBH: What's for dinner?
LJY: What do you like?
LBH: You.

LBH: Is it going to be romantic tomorrow?
LJY: Perhaps.
LJY: Are you still filming???
LBH: Why not?
LBH: It must be nice to be able to choose.

On July 31st, the three all met again for Lee Ji Yeon's birthday, where Lee Byung Hun gave her a present of Argentinian wine and makeup. According to Lee Ji Yeon, before Dahee arrived, Lee Byung Hun hugged Lee Ji Yeon and sexually approached her multiple times to which Lee Ji Yeon refused. Lee Byung Hun denied having any sexual contact, and allegedly left in a hurry when Dahee's friend arrived at the apartment as well.

LBH: We're seeing each other tomorrow, right?
LBH: Will it be romantic?
LJY: We'll see how you do.
LBH: I'll be good.

LJY: This is your brain map.
LBH: There's tomorrow, you, romantic, and success in my head.
LJY: What do you mean by success?
LBH: It means whether or not I'll succeed romantically.
LJY: Did you know it's my birthday this week?
LBH: Then we'll celebrate it tomorrow together.

LBH: I hope you'll keep the secret.
LJY: Don't worry.
LBH: I really looked forward to this.
LBH: When can I see you tomorrow?
LJY: My mom's coming.

On August 14th, the pair met up. According to Lee Ji Yeon's statement, the two argued about sexual matters while Lee Byung Hun stated that they argued about financial matters. Lee Byung Hun's party is stating that they stopped meeting due to Lee Ji Yeon constantly talking about her difficult economic status, while Lee Ji Yeon states she only brought up the house simply because she wished to turn the conversation away from sex.

LBH: Is your friend there today?
LJY: Yes.
LBH: When are you free out of today and tomorrow?
LJY: I have to go to cram school today.
LBH: When will your friend not be there?

LBH: I stepped out of line today. I'm sorry..
LBH: I think we should stop seeing each other. We'll only hurt each other.
LJY: You're cutting off human relations like this, huh?

BH Entertainment then said, "We're disappointed that false information without confirming facts were reported. We'll be looking over legal responses and look over the source of the report that was published on purpose right before the sentence. We'll also be taking legal measures against the false report."

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