DJ Soda Treats Fans to Ear & Eye Candy in MV for 'Hot Line Bling' Remix Ft. Simo!

Katherine Chu, Feb. 19, 2016, 1:02 p.m.

Rising star in the EDM world, the gorgeous and talented DJ Soda, has finally released the official music video for her remix of Drake's hit track 'Hot Line Bling'! DJ Soda puts a fresh spin on the chart-topping single in her rendition, and even features Simo, a producer who's worked with notable figures in music such as BTS, Dynamic Duo, Gary, DOK2, and Iron.

The 'Hot Line Bling' remix marks DJ Soda's first time producing, and with Simo's and her forces combined, there was no way this track wasn't going to be FIRE. In the music video, the talented DJ can be seen cutely dancing against the backdrop of a 50s style diner to her refreshing take on 'Hot Line Bling', as Simo is heard manning the vocals of the track. In addition to the ear candy, DJ Soda treats fans to eye candy as well as the music video is an absolute aesthetic dream with its vintage colors, fashion, and of course, DJ Soda herself.

DJ Soda has been a professional open format DJ for 5+ years, but since her official debut in 2014, she has gone from underground DJ to Kpop star status. Her first world tour consisted of more than 11 countries and 23 cities, and she is currently ranked within the top 70 highest followed Kpop stars. Soda has recently spent her time focusing on producing her first album consisting of remixes, music videos, and original tracks.

Make sure to stay up-to-date with DJ Soda via her social media platforms under the MV, which you can catch below, here on Koogle TV!

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