D.O. talks about his role in 'Swing Kids' Interview

Yumi Kim, Dec. 11, 2018, 11:48 a.m.

On December 10, D.O. held an cafe interview for the recent release of his new film 'Swing Kids.' In the film, D.O. plays a hard rebel and during the interview he explained that he is very different from the role he plays. 

He said, "I'm a troublemaker in the movie but (in reality) I think I try to be the most proper in EXO. So I don't get involved in deviating behaviors and try my best to get along with my members. Of course, there's Suho hyung but I also take on the role of getting things straight if a member goes off on a wrong path."

D.O. expressed his affection for EXO by stating, "Other members also encourage me when I have a difficult time. We all do. I think that's why EXO is able to stay tight even today."

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