Do You Know About #StarringJohnCho

Kyung Ho Kim, May 5, 2016, 4:59 p.m.

#StarringJohnCho is a social movement that literally shows you what it would look like if today’s Hollywood blockbusters cast an Asian-American actor – specifically, John Cho – as their leading man. Check out what it’s all about at @starringjohncho and in the meantime, imagine what the following movies would look like with an Asian American male–aka John Cho–in the lead.

John Yohan Cho is an American actor and musician. He starred as Harold Lee in the Harold & Kumar films and played the character John, MILF Guy No. 2 who popularized the term "MILF" in the American Pie films. He also starred in the critically acclaimed Asian American films Better Luck Tomorrow and Yellow.

Cho has portrayed the Star Trek character Hikaru Sulu in the Star Trek reboot film series, has starred in the Total Recall remake, Identity Thief and Grandma. On television, he played FBI agent Demetri Noh in the sci-fitelevision drama FlashForward, as Chau Presley on the sitcom Off Centre and his recurring role as Andy Brooks in the horror drama Sleepy Hollow.

He played Henry Higgs on the sitcom Selfie, co-starring Karen Gillan where he became the first Asian-American romantic male lead on American television.

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