Do you Know What Jonghyun Revealed about Wheesung?

D-Bo, Feb. 5, 2014, 10:44 a.m.

Jonghyun of Shinee recently was featured on an episode of MBC’s radio program ‘Blue Night’.  One of the main topics of conversation was about who Jonghyun would like to become closer to. 

Jonghyun replied, “"The senior I wanted to meet once I became a singer was Wheesung.  I liked him since I was young.  I liked his songs and was in awe multiple times when I listened to the lyrics he wrote and wondered how he managed to carry such emotions.  And then, he wrote the lyrics for 'One For Me' and 'Love's Way,' so I met him for the first time and thought I wanted to become closer to him as a fan rather than a junior."

He continued, "However, Wheesung is not friendly towards strangers at all.  The day I first met him, we finished recording and ate dinner.  At that time, he kept talking to me in a formal tone so I told him, 'Speak comfortably,' but he said, 'Formal tone is comfortable for me.'  That made me think I was too lacking to get close to him."

Jonghyun then said, "After that, I contacted him often so we got fairly close.  After he was discharged from the army, I only talked to him on the phone and didn't get to see him, but I miss him," and made a love call to Wheesung to come be a guest on the show.

When asked about any other veteran singers he wanted to get closer to, he responded with, "Now I want to get closer to Sung Si Kyung, who is the DJ in the previous time slot.  At the ending stage for the recent music festival, flower pollen flew around and some got stuck in his hair.  I saw Sung Si Kyung since I was young and felt close to him so I brushed off the flower pollen.  When I think about it, I think it would be weird for a junior with whom you're not even close to come touch your hair all of a sudden.  I wondered why I did that.  I think he was taken aback, but I want to get close to him as quickly as possible."
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