‘Doctors’ reveals still cuts of Park Shin Hye in school uniform!

Kyongeun Park, June 7, 2016, 9:38 a.m.

Upcoming SBS drama ‘Doctors’ has revealed some gorgeous behind-the-scenes stills of actress Park Shin Hye dressed in a school uniform! These pictures are a stark contrast from the last set of photos released of the starlet, who was previously seen sporting a doctor’s gown.

Park Shin Hye, who is normally known for her “good girl” roles, is seen looking a bit rebellious and oozes attitude in the released cuts. In addition, other photos also show the actress showcasing her million-dollar smile and bubbly personality.

‘Doctors’ is scheduled for a June 20th premiere and will also feature actors Kim Rae Won, Lee Sung Kyung, and Yoon Gyun Sang.

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