Does Jessica want to get married?

Hannah Kim, June 14, 2016, 10:32 a.m.

On June 14, Jessica recently shared her thoughts on marriage, working with Chinese stars, and her sister Krystal in an interview with China’s ‘QQ Sports’. When asked if there was any news of marriage, she simply replied, “Probably in the future, but not now.” Come on, Jessica! I’m sure you and Tyler have probably talked about marriage by now, right?

She was asked about which Chinese stars she would want to work with, in which, she replied, “I did a movie with William Chan before, so it would be nice to work with him again. I want to try working with Kris since he’s a good friend of mine.”

She was also asked about her sister, Krystal of f(x). “To me, my sister is a lot cuter and prettier than me. I would love to be in a movie with her too, and not just movies, but other things as well.”

Would you rather see Jessica in a movie with Kris or Krystal?

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