Does This South Korean Girls Have a Perfect Body?

luvsmiling, Jan. 19, 2015, 12:54 p.m.

South Korean girl Yoo Seung Ok recently made an appearance on the reality variety show StarKing where she showed off her flawless body.  Yoo placed within the top 5 contestants in the  Musclemania contest.  Yoo Seung Ok introduced herself as the first Asian contestant to rise to the Top 5 of 'Musclemania's worldwide competition with her amazing body proportions of 35-23.5-36.5. 

For her first 'Superwoman Workout', you should stretch your arms and legs in opposite directions, keep your toes pointed on the floor, raise your back, and then turn your chin left while raising your left hip and facing your right foot, and vice versa.

For the next 'Stocking Workout', you could re-use a stocking with holes as support to prevent a hip injury while working out, and place it behind your back while squatting with your legs apart. In that position, you turns your hips clockwise at least ten times, and then counter-clockwise ten times. Let us know your thoughts!


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