Dok2 Makes an Appearance on MBC’s ‘People Full of Capacity’ Shares on his Collecting Fetish

Kyung Ho Kim, Feb. 6, 2016, 12:42 p.m.

Rapper Dok2 made an appearance on MBC’s People Full of Capacity where the artist shared on his ability to to travel the globe and share his music with fans everywhere. Dok2 explained "I don't really come on broadcast a lot, but I came on this show because I'm personally a fan of it because it's hilarious." The MCs revealed that he collects something unique, to which the rapper replied, "Yes, I actually collect statues of Buddha's head. I must have somewhere between 40~50 of them now." The fearless seeming Dok2 then humorously unveiled, "I have to admit, though I collect them as a hobby, it's frightening to be in a house with all those heads!".

Lee Joon Kyung, better known by his stage name Dok2, is a South Korean recording artist under Illionaire Records. Dok2 debuted with Chapter One, and an EP released as ALLBLACK (a hip-hop duo with Microdot).

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