Drama 'Four Sons' to be discontinued + be pulled out of production?

Grace Kim, July 27, 2018, 10:34 a.m.

On July 27, reports for drama 'Four Sons' has been getting requests to be pulled out of production. 'Four Sons' starring Park Hae Jin, Nana and Kwak Si Yang will be discontinued throughout July. The production company in charge, Victory Contents, revealed several issues regarding filming, disagreements, and failed payments.

Although they stated that they would resolve all issues by mid-July, many actors are expressing their anger with the lack of production. It is reported that the actors, staff, and crew currently do not have any activities scheduled for July and are expressing their disappointment as they cannot leave their schedule open in case they do decide to refilm abruptly.

Back in early May, there was reported tension between Jang Tae Yoo PD and the production staff which led to the halt of all filming activities. According to several media outlets, Jang Tae Yoo PD requested mental treatment during this time and has been refusing all contact.

In addition, one management rep in charge of a cast member for the drama revealed, "The time period specified in the contract has ended, and we are receiving many lovecalls from other productions; however, we do not know what backlash we will receive if we attempt to pull out of the project without its completion."

Victory Contents have not responded to any of these requests and many actors are requesting to be pulled out of production.

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