Drama "My Heart Shines" Possibly Pursuing Legal Action for Kim Soo Ro and Kim Jung Eun Quitting

Inquisitive Bro-migo, Nov. 21, 2014, 12:16 p.m.

Kim Soo Ro and Kim Jung Eun recently distance themselves from their upcoming SBS weekend drama "My Heart Shines" just before the first script reading and filming session, creating a panic amongst the staff and production crew. The production company since then has released an official statement discussing the situation and why they believed the two lead actors would suddenly leave.

Samhwa Networks, the drama's production company, released a statement on November 21st saying, 

"Kim Jung Eun, and Kim Soo Ro suddenly notified us of their leave ahead of the 1st meeting between the cast, writer, and director on the 19th, which led to their appearance [in the drama] to fall through."

"Due to the 2 lead actors's sudden leave, we have trouble carrying out the production... Kim Jung Eun and Kim Soo Ro one-sidedly notified us of their leave due to discontent with the weight of role and change of cast on the 17th and 18th, respectively."

"When Kim Jung Eun decided to star in it, she requested that the drama's initial title 'Sales God Lee Soon Jung' be changed, and with the producers and actors' approval, the drama's title was changed. However, regarding the predetermined weight that the role will have in the drama and the theme, which the writer and producers had already decided on before, we were unable to reach a middle ground with them." 

"Right after the news of Kim Jung Eun's leave, Kim Soo Ro also requested to leave due to the change of his co-star. Although the producers tried to convince Kim Soo Ro because they had already adjusted all the filming and script reading schedules to accommodate him, they ultimately decided they could not spend any more time trying to convince him with the first filming right around the corner."

Labeling the two actors' decision to leave in such an impromptu manner as an "irresponsible act", the production company has stated that they are considering on whether to take legal action against the actors or not.

Kim Jung Eun's agency was contacted regarding the matter, but due to the actress' contract with the agency having just expired, they could not offer any details on her decision.

Kim Soo Ro's agency stated that they were investigating what the exact reason for the departure was, and denied claims that it was created over a dispute with the production staff. Both actors have stated that they are trying to organize an official statement explaining the situation from their side.

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