Drug Restaurant wants to be acknowledged with their new album

Michelle Kim , July 27, 2017, 9:57 a.m.

Jung Joon Young, a young idol, recognized for his talented singing from MNET's talent show, Superstar K4, has his own music group, the Drug Restaurant. The Drug Restaurant posed for "Ceci" magazine for their upcoming comeback, "POMADE". They boys look stylish in a retro and hip style as they pose for their magazine issue. 

The band explained how they gained their popularity through Jung Joon Young's ballad songs, however, they would all want to be acknowelged as a group with their upcoming album. 

On August 6, they are planning to hold a concert in Tokyo, Japan in preparation for their Europe tour in September. Furthermore, on August 26, the boy band is holding the "I Hate Summer- Drug Restaurant in SEOUL". 

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