DSP Media releases official statement to confirm Kara's member Jiyoung's leave in April

LrgnNChrg, Jan. 15, 2014, 10:55 a.m.

After rumored reports broke out about Kara's youngest member Jiyoung's intentions of not renewing her contract, DSP Media confirmed fans' fears as they announced their official statement of her leave.

Their statement reads as follows:

Hello. This is DSP Media.

We wanted to inform you of our official position on the article concerning KARA's Jiyoung's contract expiration which was released on the morning of the 15th.

Jiyoung still has time and schedules under DSP Media until her contract expires in April, and like reported earlier, she has expressed her wishes to study abroad while in negotiations with DSP.

We did not receive a letter in the form of certification of contents like mentioned [in the report], but rather a notice containing her position. The position was that 'We will not extend the contract without a new negotiation', so in time, we were planning to have further negotiations with Jiyoung's side about extending the contract.

(Portion of the notification we received) - 'Kang Ji Young will not extend her exclusive contract with DSP Media unless there is a new negotiation, we are officially informing you of this through this notice.'
However through the article that was released today, we have once again confirmed Jiyoung's intent, and received word that she still wishes to leave KARA for schooling and to walk the path of becoming an actress.
Thus, starting after April, the team will reorganize with Gyuri, Seungyeon, and Hara as the center to carry on future schedules.

Thank You.

As for the group Kara, it leaves questions to the fans about where the rest of the team stand with the comfirmation of it's two originals members Nicole and Jiyoung's leave.

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