Dynamic Duo Releases Fun and Cartoony Official MV for “Jam”

Guster Moon, Nov. 17, 2015, 9:46 a.m.

Dynamic Duo’s eighth album has now been released, and with it comes the official music video for their new track “Jam”! The literal translation for the song is “Honey Jam”, which is the entire premise of the music video. Everyone in the music video is dressed up in costume as an insect of some sort. There are a ton of cameo appearances as the video shows the bees and other bugs all trying to get into a club called “nbee” (envy?).


Once inside, our hard-working protagonist worker bee sees a beautiful girl on the dance floor, but the well-dressed CEO of his company steps forward to snatch it all away from him. Oddly enough, not only is the music video full of cartoon and animation and bug costumes, but Dynamic Duo makes a very fun cosplay as well, dressing up as all of the members of Big Bang, which is definitely a very big curveball for those unsuspecting!
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