E-Sens Is the First Korean Rapper to Release an Album While Incarcerated

Sensitive Artist, Aug. 27, 2015, 1:09 p.m.

The rapper surrounded by controversy, E-Sens, just released his album “The Anecdote” which is currently available for digital download! The album was released in physical album form on August 28th, and reports have stated that the album received a very impressive number of pre-orders, breaking the current record with its 16,000 copies reserved.


Even with the career ending headlines that E-Sens underwent for his usage of marijuana, E-Sens continued to bring in more attention. By being the first Korean rapper to release an album while still in jail.


Pre-orders for “The Anecdote” started on August 10th, and instantly broke the record pre-order sales number on Korea’s largest online hip hop website, “Hiphopplaya”. The shocking amount of pre-orders crashed the site due to the shocking surge in online traffic.


The album features a total of ten tracks, which includes the single “Back In Time” which was released last September. In the past few months, E-Sens has been releasing tracks online freely, and the remaining 9 names from the track list appears to be new and unreleased tracks.


The digital version of E-Sens “The Anecdote” is currently doing very well on music charts only hours after being released. Grab a copy for yourself today!
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