'Elle' features HyunA with new MAC makeup line

Jimmy Pak, May 12, 2014, 10:28 a.m.

HyunA is featured with ‘Elle’ in an all-new summer makeup pictorial with MAC.  HyunA is seen in various lipstick shades and makeup.  MAC says, "We did her makeup to express HyunA's various beauty, including the feminine, serene coral look that she usually doesn't do, as well hot pink and neon orange look to emphasize her fresh charms. We suggest you become a trend setter with HyunA's makeup photoshoot."

HyunA offers a fresh look with her fierce makeup and tone.  She is shown in bold eye-liner and sporty yet stylish hair.  Be sure to check out the stills from ‘Elle’ and stay tuned for more news and updates on koogle.tv

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