Emart Begins New Marketing Campaign

kpopluv, Aug. 10, 2015, 8:04 a.m.

Emart announced that they will start an innovative campaign to obtain a competitive edge in the large discount store business. Jung Yong-jin, vice-president of Shinsegae Group, posted the news on his Facebook account. “The new Emart will have to think about ways to give people a reason to come to Emart, instead of just competing with cheap prices.”

The campaign will be named the ’52 Week Invention Project’. Once ideas start to flow from Emart employees, an ‘Invention Committee’ having Lee Gap-soo, the head of Emart, as the leader, will analyze and discuss them, deciding on new products and prices. A ‘Secret Emart Research Center’ will be established at the head office of Emart in Seongsu-dong, and experts from different departments will participate in creating products and services that will benefit customers and their lives.

The committee will set guidelines for their project, called ‘Invention ABCs’, meaning that they will see existing products and services in a new light (Again), cross borders of businesses (Borderless), and create new things that didn’t already exist (Creation). The creations and the process of creation will be recorded each week and be distributed through TV, newspapers, movie theaters and SNS so that they can go viral, drawing attention to the campaign.

Representatives from Emart explained their motivation for the project. “The large discount store business has already exceeded saturation. In addition, competition has intensified after online services appeared in the market. In order to survive, Emart will have to evolve into a totally new place that can give customers life values.”

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