‘Ending Fairy’ From Produce 101’s Does Amazing Covers Of Black Pink and Red Velvet!

Lisa Jeong, March 15, 2017, 3:57 p.m.

WOAHHHHHH! The ‘Ending Fairy’ from Produce 101 season 2 can REALLLY dance! The ‘Ending Fairy’ or Jang Moon Bok, was previously a contestant on ‘Superstar K2’ as the ‘Hip Hop President’. Now he’s been garnering so much popularity from his past dance covers of Black Pink and Red Velvet! Fans and audience members can’t believe at the amount of talent that Jang Moon Bok has!

He danced to Black Pink’s “Whistle” as well as Red Velvet’s “Russian Roulette”!

Check out the performances below!

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