Entire N-SONIC Group Goes Missing and Is a No-Show for Fan Meet

Nicholas Kim, May 23, 2016, 8:15 a.m.

The entire N-SONIC group has disappeared from the spotlight shockingly, and it looks like there are some very big issues between the group and their label. The label claimed that the group had returned to Korea on May 9th after a two day schedule in Japan, and in the same day all contact was stopped between the label and the group. Due to these complications, the entirety of N-SONIC’s schedules in China and Korea have been cancelled until further notice.


There was a fan meeting that N-SONIC has scheduled for May 21st, where leader J-Heart would be able to see his fans for the last time before heading off to serve his mandatory military service. There was still no contact between the group and the label, and the label messaged the group saying, "This is the last fanmeeting with fans before leader J-Heart enlists. Take responsibility and take action." J-Heart read the message, but did not reply.


The group went missing on May 9th and sent a message through their attorney on May 17th that they wished to terminate their contract with the agency. Fans are upset that there was a four day gap where the agency could have notified them that these issues were happening, and the issues between the group and the agency still are unclear. What do you think is going on?

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