Eric Nam reveals that he recently met with a lot of Hollywood stars in ‘The Star’

June Kang, July 27, 2016, 9:36 a.m.

Talented solo artist Eric Nam is featured in the recent issue of ‘The Star’ magazine, where he showcases a variety of chic looks – taking on concepts completely different from his typical style! The handsome singer shows off a different side that’s sure to make all the fangirls swoon!

In an accompanying interview with the magazine, Eric shares, “People believe I only drink coffee, but I also like to play. Sometimes I go buy beer and drink it in front of the convenience store.”

Eric further revealed some tidbits about his recent trip to the States, relaying, “I can’t say much yet, but I met with a ton of amazing people. I even ate with and sang for Heidi Klum!”

It looks like there’s a lot in store of Eric Nam fans in the future! Make sure to check out Eric Nam’s pictorial in ‘The Star’ magazine!

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