ERIC is no longer affiliated with producing sexy girl group STELLAR

ErotiX, Feb. 13, 2014, 11:07 a.m.

Eric from Shin Hwa turns out to be no long affiliated with TOP CLASS Entertainment who manages the sexy girl group STELLAR. After Countless rumors of ERIC being a main producer of STELLAR, revealed to be not true. Eric actually stop working with STELLAR end of last year. 

Eric's new management recently made a statement that Eric is no long with TOP CLASS Entertainment and will be working on new promotion. Some media reporters in Korea are saying TOP CLASS Entertainment used Eric's name value for STELLAR's comeback. It was actually SWEET TUNE who produced STELLAR for this comeback single. However, STELLAR's new single 'MARIONETTE' is going viral caused by the revealing MV and exotic their dance moves. You can watch the MV of MARIONETTE by STELLAR below.

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