Espresso and crushed beans add kick to coffee pudding

Angela Jung , Oct. 3, 2016, 10:02 a.m.

Choose the right path -- so says the sermon, convocation and nature guide. But if a trailhead offers only one route, and you’ve hiked it every autumn forever, you’re good to go. Underfoot, your path is springy with pine needles. Overhead, it’s shady and cool. Ahead it promises water crashing a narrow canyon and a boulder, wide and flat as a piazza, perfect for a picnic.

You walk. You talk. You find your rock, scrabble up and are met not with waterfall, but with flat field, and, in the distance, abandoned truck. You retrace your steps to the right path. You stride up the rock and gaze out on field and truck. You’ve found the same wrong rock, twice.

Stumped, you stretch out and stare up. One cloud, a dragon, unfurls its claws. It dissolves into a ship gliding the soft white waves. You spend the afternoon adrift in the whipped-cream panorama. Surely you’re on the right path.

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