EvoL’s Say Releases Cover Performance of Adele’s “When We Were Young”

David Song, Nov. 25, 2015, 11:10 a.m.

For the fans that have been curious as to how EvoL member Say has been spending her time as of late, she has just given them an answer in a big way! She recently changed her stage name to “$AAY” or “SAAY” as is written on her Instagram, and she also has created her very own YouTube channel to showcase her talent it seems, and the first video posted is her awesome cover performance of Adele’s song “When We Were Young”!

EvoL was a five-member girl group from South Korea created by Cho PD under the label Stardom. They released their debut EP and music video for the track "We Are A Bit Different) on August 10, 2012. They made their comeback with second mini album "The Second EvoLution" in March of 2013, with title track "Get Up". In August 2015, the group unofficially disbanded, following Yull, Hayana and J-Da's departures. In summer of 2015 rumors started to appear that Say's contract with Stardom had expired and that she had left EvoL while still remaining with Stardom Entertainment, and would redebut as a solo artist. Cho PD and Stardom Entertainment never responded officially to these claims, which were spread online by fans (who also alleged favoritism from Cho PD on Say's behalf, claiming she had been given special treatment compared to the other members). Say later began a solo project under the name "$aay Choreography".

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