EX-EXO Member Kris to Work with Chinese Actress Fan Bingbing for "Heart Ali" Charity Show

Sensitive Artist, June 20, 2014, 10:42 a.m.

There has been some rumors floating around regarding ex-EXO member Kris trying to kick off his solo career in China after having a falling out with SM Entertainment and EXO, and Chinese actress Fan Bingbing has clued in her fans about one of his future endeavors!

On June 20th, Fan Bingbing posted on Weibo that Kris would be accompanying her on the "Heart Ali" charity show which focuses on helping children who suffer from heart disease in the Ngari Prefecture in Tibet.  She commented, "It's been 5 years since 'Heart Ali' started. I will never forget the innocent, pure eyes of the children when I first visited Ngari Prefecture. This year, Kris will also be participating in the charity."

Additionally, she said "Being able to give children laughter and happiness alone is satisfying to us. Kris will be our second guest on 'Heart Ali' after Li Ka-Shing. We will continue on and take on the show with a sincere heart even when things get tough."

If Kris does end up appearing on the show, it will mark his first official promotion campaign move in China as a solo artist.

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