Ex-PRISTIN Members to Re-Debut as New Group Lead by Nayoung

BanSeok Shin, June 4, 2019, 10:26 a.m.

After shocking reports on May 24th that just 2 years after debuting, PRISTIN would be disbanding with all but 3 members leaving Pledis Entertainment, another report came out on June 4th stating that the former members would be debuting as a new group led by Nayoung. According to a report, the former PRISTIN members (excluding Kyulkyung, Sungyeon, & Yehana who stayed with Pledis) have signed with a new label and are making preparations to re-debut soon with Nayoung (who was also the leader of PRISTIN) leading the new group. Hopefully this time things go well for the girls.

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