[EXCLUSIVE] 5 EPIK Moments You Missed at Epik High L.A.!

thekatsmeow, June 18, 2015, 5:30 p.m.

As the Epik High 2015 North American Tour comes to a close, many of you may be feeling withdrawals, or perhaps some of you are still disappointed that you couldn’t make it to one of the shows. However, no worries, Koogle TV’s got your back! Koogle has summed up the five most epic moments of Epik High’s L.A. show at the Wiltern Theater!


1) Sick opening acts!

- For the L.A. stop on Epik High’s tour across the nation, local rappers Dumbfoundead, aka Parker, and Mike B. teamed up with DJ Zo and took the stage to put on a SICK opening act, performing songs such as Dumbfoundead’s recent release ‘Mellow Yellow’ and the very appropriate city anthem ‘K-Town’. The talented rappers also brought 1TYM’s Danny Im and Ben Baller onto the stage for a fun, collaborative ensemble!

2) Glowsticks… glowsticks everywhere!

- What’s a Korean concert without a sea of bright, colorful glowsticks being swung back and forth in unison, amirite?!

3) Getting sprayed with Tablo’s water bottle

- If you got to stand in the pit at the concert, then you may have been blessed with Tablo’s glorious water bottle spray. The concert started off HOT, and Tablo cooled fans down with an EPIK spray of his water bottle across the front row of the concert. Whether that splash of water was a concoction mixed with his saliva or not is still a mystery…


- If you’ve been following Tablo’s Snapchat (@bornhaters) stories, it’s no secret that DJ Tukutz and he share a very special bond, as they presented fans with a plethora of hilarious Snapchat videos leading up to each tour stop. However, it was Mithra Jin and Tablo’s bromance on stage (i.e., Tablo dabbing away the glisten on Mithra’s face as he rapped furiously during ‘Move Out of the Way’) that truly made every BFF envious. #friendshipgoals


- Last, but definitely not least, the most important thing you missed at the L.A. concert is the majestic volume and sound of Epik High themselves. Epik High commands every stage they stand on, and they bring power and energy to every verse they spit. However, there was a presence they brought to the stage of the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles that was truly indescribable (because, duh, L.A. is the best city!). If your eardrums aren’t shot and your voice isn’t hoarse by the time you leave a concert, it wasn’t a good time! Needless to say, I’m still shouting, “What?” every time my co-workers ask me something.

Don’t forget to check out the “TL;DR” highlight reel of Koogle’s coverage above!

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