[EXCLUSIVE] 5 Moments You Missed at Jessi's L.A. Concert

Katherine Chu, Oct. 31, 2015, 4:05 p.m.

If you missed out on 'Unpretty Rapstar' Jessi's hip hop extravaganza in Los Angeles, then you're in luck! Check out Koogle TV's exclusive footage from the unforgettable night in our '5 Moments You Missed at Jessi's L.A. Concert' video! Trendy streetwear, raw talent, and selfies with the K-hiphop queen herself - what's not to love?!

5) Dope 'KONUS' merchandise

- Only the best for the night's headliners! Jessi, Lyricks, and Mighty Mouth were all decked out in 'KONUS' apparel, the show's gracious sponsor. From joggers to jackets, and t-shirts to snapbacks, 'KONUS' made sure their stars were dressed to the nines for their incredible performances.

You can check out more of their merchandise via their website here!

4) Jessi's meet & greet

- Jessi was just as excited to meet her fans, and despite her charismatic 'ssenunni' image, the singer was extremely down-to-earth and sweet when it came to her fans! Jessi made sure to get to know each and every one of her jebis and took several photos to make sure they were satisfied with the snapshots!

3) Selfies with Jessi

- If you got to stand in the front section of the venue, you may have been among the many lucky fans who got to take a selfie with Jessi or even have Jessi take a selfie video herself performing for you! The starlet tried her best to get to as many phone cameras as possible, and even stayed a bit longer for fan-service!

2) Sick opening acts

- Normally it's hard to be on par with the headlining act of the night, but Lyricks, Dumbfoundead, Young Kokonut, and Mighty Mouth proved they were forces to be reckoned with during their sick opening acts! The boys made sure to hype the crowd up and I swear, I saw a few jaws drop when Lyricks spit his verses for the first time.

1) #JessiSexy

- Jessi, the queen herself, SLAYED the night, with her sexy dance moves and incredible vocals! If anyone ever doubted this girl's talent, I'm sure they'll eat their words when they hear Jessi sing and rap live! She's incredibly charismatic, and her stage presence is out of this world! There's a reason why this girl's a star.

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