Exclusive Look Into ITZY's Premiere Showcase Tour “ITZY? ITZY!” In Los Angeles!

Yubi Salcedo , Jan. 21, 2020, 2:21 p.m.

On January 17, 2020, ITZY kicked off their Premiere Showcase Tour "ITZY? ITZY! IN USA." As an avid K-pop fan I was eager to attend JYP Entertainment's rookie girl group, ITZY's concert and thanks to SubKulture Entertainment I was able to.

I learned of ITZY with their successful hit "DALLA DALLA." I thought it was different and unique, yet insanely catchy. However, I've always leaned towards boy groups more. After attending ITZY's concert in Los Angeles, I was really captivated by their personalities and charms. I felt like I really got to know the group very well. I really enjoyed their showcase tour because it was different from the many that I have attended. And after the concert, ITZY gained a new fan, a new MIDZY! 


The night consisted of fans screaming at the top of their lungs. The show hadn't begun and fans were chanting the lyrics as they waited for the girls. As time grew closer, MIDZY's calls were louder and louder, they were anxious and excited to see the "ICY" girls. One thing I noted was the diverse audience in the packed theater and it was nice seeing people come together to cherish this Korean act.

As the lights went out a video surfaced from the stage and fans went wild. The video displayed the girls, introducing them to the crowd as fans cheered and screamed for their favorite member. Suddenly in the midst of all cries, ITZY walked in and went straight to point, performing "ICY" and "IT'z SUMMER." 

The showcase tour was hosted by Danny Lim, who made the concert smooth and fun as he translated from time to time throughout the segments. After the two-song performances, the girls introduced themselves as a group and individually. Danny kicked off the question segment of the concert. The first question asked by fans was what they wanted to do in Los Angeles. ITZY's answers were disneyland and experience Hollywood. The second question asked the members about their goals and future in 2020, while the third question asked about the members aegyo (cuteness). The aegyo was a highlight part of the show. It brought laughter and enjoyment as we saw the girls imitate emojis. Additionally, we were able to see whether the members believed pineapple belongs on pizza, where all with the exception of one member who thought pineapple should not be a topping on pizza. 

After discovering that ITZY really loves and knows music, we had the chance to see them guess the songs of a mashed mixture song, that included three K-pop songs in one. For this game segment, ITZY had to name the artist and song in each compiled mixture song. The person with the least points would get a punishment, DUN DUN DUN. The punishment was actually pretty cute. Truthfully, I would have bombed the challenge because it was so hard. I think I only heard two songs out of the several mixture songs they played. Chaeryeong was a beast with her amazing hearing because she instantly knew the songs. She is so competitive and I love that! Yeji did not do so well and it was so cute to see her pout and whine, she eventually had to receive the punishment which was to take a derpy photo with petals around her head. This was probably one of my favorite segments because the members would run to the fans for the answers. At one point Chaeryeong named the wrong song, which was said by a fan and she threw the funniest jokingly fit calling the fan a liar. 

There was a special stage after all the playing, where we had the chance to see different sides of the group. ITZY performed TWICE's "TT" and GOT7's "HARD CARRY." We got to see a cute and adorable side with "TT" and a super energetic ITZY with amazing dance skills with "HARD CARRY." After the special performances we were presented with a video that displayed all their accomplishments and triumphs. The girls came back on stage and spoke about their medley special and the reasoning behind the songs. 

As the end approached, ITZY held their last challenge, the whisper challenge. They had to read each other's lips to guess what they were saying without listening. Lia, Chaeryeong, and Yuna were good at reading the members lips. It was fun to watch Yeji and Ryujin struggle throughout the words, which were: apple, La La Land, and Alligator. The night concluded with the performances of "CHERRY", "WANT IT?" and lastly finished with a bang, "DALLA DALLA."

ITZY said their goodbyes and promised to return again as they chanted together, "있지 믿지 날자! (ITZY MIDZY Let's Fly Together)"  

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