[EXCLUSIVE] Microdot makes a HUGE impression on LA during first US tour!

Katherine Chu, May 16, 2016, 5:45 p.m.

Hip hop artist Microdot, who showcased his rap prowess on 'Show Me the Money 4', hit the States for his very first 2016 US tour, where he visited two of California's iconic cities - Los Angeles and San Francisco! Presented by Soul Krush Entertainment, Microdot set the stage on fire at Club Bound in LA and Origin in SF.

Koogle TV had the opportunity to sit down with the talented rapper before the show, where he discussed his roots, how he ended up on 'SMTM4', his faith, and the journey ahead. In our exclusive interview, Microdot opens up about how he got his start in the game, shares a few wise words with his fans, and updates listeners on some future releases to look forward to - which he himself revealed may include some impressive talent such as Illionaire Records' Dok2, Lucky J's Jessi, rapper BewhY, Phantom's Sanchez (Microdot's blood brother), and VIXX's Ravi!

Check out the humble hip hop artist's exclusive interview with Koogle TV above!

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