EXID and others cancel appearance at ‘US Army 2nd Division Founding 100 Year Anniversary’ + Insooni and Crying Nut apologize for appearance

Michelle Jung, June 12, 2017, 10:25 a.m.

Many singers canceled and apologized for their appearance at the ‘US Army 2nd Division Foundation 100 Year Anniversary Super Concert’.

Originally, EXID was scheduled to perform at the Super Concert along with San E, Oh My Girl, Crying Nut, Sweet Sorrow, Insooni, and more; however, the citizens of Euijung bu, where the division is located, had been suffering highly due to the division be located there. The city is in high debt due to their plans to create a subway line fell apart but spent millions to hold the concert. The concert was free, meaning that they would not make any back in ticket sales.

The citizens of the area also protested the celebration of the US Army division because June 14th marks the 15th year in which two female middle school students Misun and Hyosoon from the area had been crushed by a US tank. Also, many citizens protested the celebration because of the countless crimes that had been committed by the soldiers in the past.

Following many requests not to appear, EXID (along with many others) ultimately decided not to attend the concert. Their label apologized and clarified that they had first agreed to be at the concert, but after finding out what the concert was celebrating, ultimately made the decision not to attend. Others such as Crying Nut and Insooni came to the concert but did not perform and instead apologized for the appearance.

The city responded, “The performers did not come to the concert because of the flood of criticism related to a concert being held just days before the 15th year since the Misun-Hyosoon incident. We apologize to the citizens for the concert falling apart.” 

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