EXID Announces Upcoming Comeback, Hiatus, & Departure of Hani and Junghwa

BanSeok Shin, May 2, 2019, 5:35 p.m.

Bittersweet news for EXID fans as the group has announced its next comeback, but also its following hiatus. On May 3 (KST) Banana Culture Entertainment released an offical staement announcing that after long talks EXID members Solji, LE, and Hyerin will be renewing their contracts with the agency while Hani and Junghwa will be looking for new agencies at the end of May of this year in order to pursue their own goals. The agency also revealed its plans for the remaining members stating, "The three remaining memebers plan to focus on individual promotions for now. Solji and LE each boast notable vocals, rapping, and producing abilities so they plan to prepare activities as solo artists. Hyerin is considering various broadcast promositon as well as music activities to enhance her charming and multifaceted image." 

While two of the five members may be moving to new agencies, Banana Culture announced that both the agency and the members do not intened to consider this as a disbandment and that the girls are considering how they can promote again down the road. The agency also expressed strong gradtitue and support for Hani and Junghwa. 

The agency also announced the group's final pre-hiatus comeback date. According to the agency, "EXID will be making a group comeback with a new mini-album on May 15th. After the release of this album, EXID will carry out various broadcast promotion in both Korea and overseas throught may before going on a temporary group hiatus."

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