EXID Releases Teasers for Their Comeback Track “Hot Pink”

Guster Moon, Nov. 10, 2015, 10:33 a.m.

It looks like EXID is ready to put themselves back on the map after their huge debut success, and it seems that the fans were right in guessing that it would be called “Hot Pink”! The comeback track is now confirmed, and the girls of EXID are now just dropping hints on what their concept will end up looking like.


The group has released the concept teaser photo on their social media platforms, and just as was expected, it uses the color hot pink as well as some very tight and shiny leather. The photos are vague and doesn’t show any single one of the members, so we are anxious to see what they all look like in their new concept very soon! The group’s comeback is scheduled for November 18th.

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