EXID Releases Dance Practice Video for ‘Up & Down’

kpride, Sept. 2, 2014, 9:07 a.m.

K pop girl group EXID has released a dance practice video for their latest track releases titled, ‘Up & Down’.  Their latest title track is the work of Shinsadong Tigerand NAMKING Nang. Member LE also participated in composing and writing the lyrics for the song.

EXID is a five-member South Korean girl group under Korean music label Yedang Entertainment. The group made their official debut on February 16, 2012 with their single "HOLLA", promoting the title track, "Whoz That Girl". The group originally debuted with six members, but three members (Yuzi, Dami and Haeryung) decided to leave the group two months after the group's debut, and were replaced by two new members, Hyerin and Solji.


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