EXID Selects Member Best at Reality Shows and Discuss Junghwa's Nickname

Maximilliano VCHK, July 10, 2015, 11:27 a.m.

In the press conference for MBC Every1's "EXID's Showtime" on July 9th, the girls selected which members they thought would do the best on their reality show which also ended up releasing some information about the youngest member Junghwa, who apparently is a very mischevious jokester.

Hani said Junghwa would do the best on the reality show and explained, "We call her 'maebeoli (scold earner)' for she's the type to earn herself a scolding, I think a lot of her cute aspects will show."

The girls then went into detail regarding Junghwa's nickname of "maebeoli" with Hani saying, "In my case, I always wear clothes when I sleep and am not the type to sleep or shower [with others] well.  Even though Junghwa knows well I'm not that type of person, she won't leave the bathroom.  She's very spiteful then.  I wonder to myself when she'll get herself in big trouble."

Hyerin then commented,  "Junghwa's voice is on the loud side.  When she says 'unnie' in the car, LE tells her to stop, but she keeps going."

Junghwa said that Solji would do the best on the reality show saying, "Solji is so charming.  You can see her not only singing but also dancing and a lot of other things." Leader Solji, on the other hand, stated, "The member who fits reality shows the best is Hyerin.  She looks cute but is surprisingly easygoing and good-natured.  I feel like she'd get love from a lot of people."

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