EXID Working on Making a Comeback

Sensitive Artist, June 30, 2015, 4:39 p.m.

EXID has announced that they are working on a brand new comeback! In a recent interview, the girls of EXID stated that member LE is currently in the middle of producing a new track with Shinsadong Tiger. LE said, "We're currently working hard preparing for a comeback for the second half of this year. We're working for it to come out as soon as possible. We'll do our best to show a good image and not disappoint our fans. Please look forward to it."

EXID stated, "The group is focusing on production. The new track is a collaboration between Shinsadong Tiger and LE."

In other news, the girls recently revealed their mini-album "Ah Yeah" in April. Are you excited for the girls to make their comeback?

You heard it here at Koogle.tv!

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