EXID's Hani Wows Viewers With First Baseball Pitch

Jihoon, June 6, 2015, 11:02 a.m.

Before the start of a '2015 KBO League' game between the KIA Tigers and the Doosan Bears, Hani from EXID got to show off her immaculate throwing form after stepping up to the plate to throw the first baseball pitch. It was quite surprising because K-POP stars don't usually throw a decently good pitch. 

However, while looking sporty and girly in a baseball uniform, Hani charmed the viewers by cheering on the players and doing a bit of the 'Ah Yeah' dance before throwing the first pitch, which was actually pretty good! With a decently good form and throwing power, the ball was able to reach the catcher and this feat was rewarded with a roaring cheer from the crowd. 

Make sure to check out her charming looks and gestures in a baseball uniform in the video below!

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