EXO Discusses The Hidden Meaning and Subtle Messages in New Music Videos

Troy Yang, June 16, 2016, 8:56 a.m.

For those who were curious about some of the symbolism used in EXO’s newest music videos, you are in luck! During the June 15th broadcast of “MV Bank Stardust 2”, EXO gave a specific breakdown of their newest music videos “Monster” and “Lucky One”. Baekhyun stated, "In "Lucky One", we brought back our superpower concept. Due to the lack of our superpowers, we get abducted by our enemies from another planet. It depicts the story of us suddenly retrieving our superpowers and escaping from the evil nurses wearing those sun caps while they experiment on us."  


In regards to the track “Monster”, Baekhyun commented, "There is a twist. The MV is about us turning into soldiers to fight those who threaten us. In the middle of the MV, I leave and appear as a traitor. I am the only one with no blood stains, which makes me look even more like a complete traitor, but ultimately, I find the secret escape route for the members. I am actually a double spy." 

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