EXO Enjoys the Rides at Amusement Park “Lotte World”

Ben Cho, Nov. 12, 2015, 11:20 a.m.

Who loves EXO and amusement parks? We’re sure that makes up pretty much every single EXO fan, and although it isn’t an actual date with the members of EXO for a day at the amusement park, it comes pretty close! Amusement park “Lotte World” continuously has been revealing “live video dates” of the EXO members one by one. Each of the members recorded their experiences on one specific ride or roller coaster in the park.


The newest video features leader Suho as he jumps on the French Revolution roller coaster, with Chanyeol hanging by his side as his riding partner. You can also see Sehun as he hops on the Viking ride “The Conquistador”.
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