EXO Fans Accuse BTS Fans of Copying EXO Official Products

Ben Cho, April 29, 2016, 9:48 a.m.

EXO fans have just aimed some questions towards BTS fans, stating that they have been copying some of EXO’s official products! A BTS fan recently posted photos of the group’s newest line of fan products with the caption, "The slogan set name tag where you can adjust the length is now available. It looks so pretty on ARMY bomb :D Sales end this Sunday the 17th so don't hesitate and pick me!"


EXO fans saw the newest BTS products and stated that there was a lot of similarities to their designs, and instructed ARMY members to end their production of the name tags. The BTS fan however, stated that they didn’t copy the item and that it has distinct differences in design, colors, and font.


EXO-L members seem unconvinced and are commenting that if it were the other way around, ARMY fans would have reacted in a much less civilized manner, and also stated that the name tag isn’t a common product and was exclusively EXO’s.


What do you think about this entire issue?

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