EXO "fans" Causing Trouble as Post Office Struggle to Send Back Chen Merchandise!

Kevin Cho , March 5, 2020, 10:45 a.m.

It was recently reported that some EXO fans have caused trouble for the post office in Korea. After several Chen merchandise packages were sent to SM Entertainment by these EXO fans, the label submitted a refusal to receive the boxes to the post office, which meant that the post office would have to send back the packages. But many of the boxes did not have return addresses indicating that employees will have a hard time find the addresses and sending them back. 

Many netizens have been criticizing those EXO fans who sent back the Chen packages for causing trouble for the workers admist the coronavirus outbreak. Many left comments such as, 

"How can you do that when our country is in this state?"

"There's probably only one driver going to the SM building and he's probably really struggling due to the number of packages." 

Despite everything, some EXO fans continue protesting Chen's presence in the group. What do you think about the situation? 

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