EXO-K Members Endorse Baskin Robbins Korea

D-Bo, May 22, 2015, 4:02 p.m.

K pop boy group EXO-K are the latest idols to endorse Baskin Robbins Korea.  First up are members Suho and Kai as they answer questions in their most recent CF for the ice cream franchise.  When asked what their favorite 'Baskin Robbins' ice cream flavor is, Suho replied, "Mint chocolate chip. It has a refreshing feeling like brushing your teeth. I think it tastes good when you're too tired to brush your teeth." Kai added that his favorite was 'Shooting Star.'

For the question, "How do you like the new 'Movie Theater Popcorn' flavor?" Kai said, "I heard from a representative that this flavor was 'daebak' in America. So if you eat this and like it, it means you have the mind of an American and the sensitivity of an American. I liked it."

Lastly they were asked, "If you had three hours of free time, what would you do?" Kai replied, "I would sleep. What we need most now is sleep. I really don't need anything else." Suho in particular repeated the words 'should sleep' again and again and again. 

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