EXO-L Spotted Chen and Pregnant Fiancee on a Food Tour, Reacts Negatively

Jay Yim, Jan. 24, 2020, 10:35 a.m.

Recently, EXO's Chen and his pregnant fiancee were spotted doing a food tour together.

On January 24, netizens revealed that Chen and his fiancee were seen at a famous naengmyun (cold noodle) restaurant (which previously appeared on the food show Bob Bless You). In the photos that surfaced around online, Chen can be seen wearing a black hat, white hoodie, and khaki pants.

Some EXO fans, however, did not react to kindly to the news, saying, "If you're going to go around like this, just leave the group already," "Since you're getting married, you're just putting it all out there or what," "Chen, get out! Don't negatively affect the others," "I feel so bad... This is ridiculous," and more.

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