EXO-L Upset That “Fantastic Duo” Exploited EXO for Higher Viewer Ratings

Paul Lee, May 10, 2016, 11:31 a.m.

The May 8th airing of SBS’ “Fantastic Duo” has just received some very negative impressions from EXO’s fan club EXO-L for their episode which featured EXO. In the episode MC Jun Hyun Moo stated, "The competition for this episode was the most fiercest. To become a duo with EXO, we have over 4000 applicants, even leading to a server crash." 


After having seen many different video clips of the variety of applications who had sent in their singing clips for EXO, the top 3 contestants stood in front of the group in order to compete for the final spot to be EXO’s duet partner. Many viewers saw that the three contestants were not sticking to the original format of the show, failing to cover songs of the guest artists in the final round.


The top 3 contestants covered a wide variety of covers which included EXID’s “Up & Down”, MAMAMOO’s “You’re the Best”, and many more songs, but no EXO tracks. Unhappy viewers stated, "There are so many EXO songs they could've covered, why did they cover all these other artists""They promoted EXO's episode, but it was all just bait", "This doesn't go with the original format of the show""EXO look uncomfortable", and many more.


A fan even went so far as to say that “Fantastic Duo” was taking advantage of EXO in order to simply boost their ratings, speaking for many angry EXO-L fans.


The most recent episode of “Fantastic Duo” showed the first time where the final round contestants performed songs that weren’t from the guest artists. What do you think about the entire situation?

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